"Rolling Stone" in Rolling Stone!

Watch Parker McKay Dream Big in Stylish 'Rolling Stone' Video (cowritten with Tori Tullier)

If you're going to live for your dreams it's good to have wild goals, and with the premiere of Parker McKay's new video for "Rolling Stone," another hungry young singer-songwriter moves a step closer to hers. 

Born in Pittsburgh and schooled in the clubs of New York City, McKay moved to Nashville just two short years ago and has written over 150 songs since then. She released a self-titled, six-song EP this summer and has shared the stage with fellow dreamers like Maren Morris, but the next item on her bucket list is a bit loftier – to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. 

Fusing a rootsy, heartland version of new wave rock with a feather-soft vocal delivery, McKay explains that the head-in-the-clouds theme of her debut single was inspired by the success of her friends. 

"This was one of those songs that was a gift from the universe," she says of "Rolling Stone," which she co-wrote with Tori Tullier. "I had heard early one morning that friends of mine (John and TJ Osborne of Brothers Osborne) had been nominated for a Grammy, and I started thinking about all of those iconic moments artists experience; Grammy nominations, Gold or Platinum records or being on the cover of Rolling Stone. Then, as soon as I had that thought, the melody came to me for the hook. I wrote the song a few days later, and I knew the second it was done it would be the single for this [EP]. The cover of Rolling Stone is one of the most iconic images I can think of." 

McKay's new video for the tune premieres below, and in it the young artist certainly looks ready for the gig. Occupying an empty warehouse flooded with white light, McKay embodies the ultimate rock diva in a white-fur coat and shredded pair of skin-tight jeans, surrounded by a four-piece band. But with her gentle, almost playful lyrics and an inviting smile, she might be closer to a honky-tonk angel.

Watch the video here.

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