Stephanie Quayle Releases New Album featuring "Selfish"

Stephanie Quayle released her new album Love The Way You See Me Fri. Sept. 1 featuring "Selfish," a song co-written by Tori, Stephanie Quayle, and Andrew Wills. 

The album has been featured in People Country, Billboard, Music Row, CMT and the song is currently on CMT's Next Women of Country Playlist. 

Taste of Country did an exclusive premier of "Selfish" noting, "'Selfish' is a song from Stephanie Quayle‘s upcoming Love the Way You See Me album that requires a second listen. Then, if you’re with the right partner, a second, third and fourth. Quayle says the power ballad is her 'sexy song.' 

To purchase the album Love The Way You See Me please visit iTunes.